How to Dress for a Hike – A Men’s Point of View

As colder weather snuggles down from the north, and the leaves change color there is no better time for a wonderful hike. We all have that mountain, valley, or creek trail nearby, so why not have a great time outdoors, and look good at the same time. 

Men, us guys, usually just strap on some comfy hiking shoes or boots, a tank top, floppy jeans, and an old ragged cap. But, it shouldn’t be that way. It’s happened many times before, where I go for a hike and later, as in life, things happen and I need to be somewhere else with friends or for a casual business meeting and I have no time to make a wardrobe change.

Well, wearing floppy, ragged hiking clothes is not the way to show up, so we need to plan for the unexpected. I start with what I would wear for a casual meeting, a nice top and pants, add a nice cap or hat, sunglasses, comfy yet stylish sneakers, and a jacket or light coat in case it gets cooler when on the hike.


For this outing, I chose a nice Vince Camuto watch. It’s light, rugged, yet stylish for a day out in the city or trails. The cap I’m wearing is a Banana Republic, just like the top. I’m a Levi’s type of guy. Not that I don’t own any other types of pants or jeans, but you’ll usually catch me in a pair of jeans or slim fitting pants. Since, it’s Fall I bring out my golden color Façonnable sneakers, and match it with a like color belt from Schedoni. Put a Burberry denim jacket on my shoulders, and last, but not least Ray Ban sunglasses.

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