A Guy’s Blog Guide on How to Wear a V-Neck Sweater

The ever present v-neck sweater is a guy’s outfit saver. So, how to wear a v-neck sweater? Quite easily, really. This is my guy’s blog guide on how to wear a v-neck sweater. How many times have you wanted to dress up an outfit, well just slap on a V-neck sweater. Getting cold outside? Throw a v-neck sweater on and wham, you’re ready to go. The ever multi-use v-neck goes a long way to snazzily dress up a casual streetstyle outfit, to going to the office in a semi-casual style. So, this is how I wear a v-neck sweater casually
. Hey, when I buy a v-neck that fits me just perfectly, I don’t get just one. Nooo, I usually get a few color to go with just about everything in my closet. Just like shoes, jeans, sunglasses and watches, and in my case white dress long sleeve shirts; you can’t have one too many.

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For this outfit out on the town, I started with my new Kyboe silicone strap watch. Yeah, it’s one of those pieces that makes a statement in your outfit. Since Rossana and I were going for a casual date night in Santa Monica, I went to my go-to Levi’s 511 jeans, and matched it with a blue grid long sleeve shirt, and a brown H&M v-neck sweater. I then got my mathing red and blue lens Ray Ban sunglasses, and my new Creative Recreation Defeo Q sneakers. Now, this is an outfit that you should be able to pull together in no time. Guys, girls copy outfits all the time, it’s time that we guys get inspiration from others out there, and believe you me, there are many to choose from so use this guy’s blog guide on how to wear a v-neck sweater as a template.fall-x-creativecreation-mens-blogs guy's blog guide on how to wear a v-neck sweater

So, what do you think of how to wear a v-neck sweater outfit? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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