LA Menswear Bloggers Comfortable Outfit

Hi there! Been on the road a lot this past month and outfits that make my day easier are a must. Such an outfit for LA menswear bloggers like myself is this one below. If you’ve read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll soon catch that when not wearing cocktail outfits, I’ll be wearing Levi’s of just about every type.

LA Menswear Bloggers

This outfit here is quite comfortable and easy to assemble. I start with Levi’s jeans, and Ray Bans. I opted for a square patterned long sleeve shirt, a navy blue pea coat with residual stripes running vertical. I then needed a belt and shoes to contrast, and my trusty Salvatore Ferragamo and Creative Recreation (on sale) wingtip brown reptile scales sneakers were my go to items. LA menswear bloggers fashion look

Here’s a look of me taking a break during shooting time. Notice that many times I opt to not wear socks. It’s the kid in me, and it goes just fine with most LA menswear bloggers’ outfits.

Not wanting any more photos for the moment, I try to hide my face from the paparazzi taking photos, er that’s Rossana Vanoni. LA menswear bloggers trying to hide from paparazzi

And here’s a close look at my Creative Recreation sneakers. I do love the wingtip design and contrast in colors and fabrics.

I’m so glad to be back home, but not for long. Soon I’ll be on another trip, this time to Coachella. So, we’ll see who we get to ride with from LA to Palm Springs. Is it gonna be Lexus, Toyota, or Mercedes Benz. Keep a look out for my Instagram to catch my cool ride.LA Menswear Bloggers full look

As always, get inspired and let’s see how you feel about my LA Menswear bloggers outfit post. Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.




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