Menswear Snow Day Outfit

It’s finally getting colder in Los Angeles. Love the change to a cooler climate, and to celebrate the season we drove up to Big Bear Lake for the weekend. As always, I dress according to the place and/or weather. For this menswear snow day outfit I decided to wear something that would match my surroundings and let me blend in.

menswear snow day outfit

So, I chose a camouflage jacket with sleeves rolled up, an off-white knit turtle-neck sweater, a black long sleeve jersey, white jeans, blue leather shoes and black sunglasses.mens snow day outfit

The day in Big Bear was beautiful. Snow all around, tourists and locals everywhere; the scene was excitement to the max. Everyone having fun on and off the snow.menswear snow outfit

I’m not one to usually wear camo on anything, but I wanted the whites and off-whites to discern from each other and a way to do that was to use the camouflage jacket as an accent to my menswear snow day style. That being said, I added blue leather sneakers as a second accent point and black sunglasses just because I like them so much! Los Angeles menswear snow day outfit

One thing many that visit Big Bear miss on, is going around the whole lake. Usually every one drives up from Los Angeles and takes a right turn at the lake. You’d be surprised by the beautiful scenic route to the north, or left road of the lake. Some of the photos here for my menswear snow day outfit are on the north side of Big Bear Lake. So, next time you get up there, swipe left and go for a ride. men's wear snow day style men's snow day ootd Los Angeles male blogger snow day style

As always, get inspired and let’s see how you’d style a menswear snow day outfit. Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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