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Crully is here to change the way we advertise and look for rental apartments!


For decades real estate listings were the same - just a few photos and some description in the newspaper. When internet came about all that real estate listing sites did was to take the same traditional photo-and-text listings and put them on a web … [Read more...]

Convert your credit into cash


Convert your credit into cash - 680+ credit needed - Real Estate backed and Secured. We buy, renovated and resale Single family homes. 12% return on cash invested plus 50% share or profits. … [Read more...]

The Ethical Considerations of Real Estate Professionals


Who says you can't use referral business as additional income stream? What about when other real estate professionals such as Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, are looking for agents? Get started today receiving new referral business create your unique … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Comparative Market Analysis

When you are planning to sell your home, an informed seller is the best partner for a professional licensed real estate agent. Websites like Zillow and Trulia are a great place to begin your research. But, they are far from being the … [Read more...]

California Painting Company


California Painting Co. is a full service painting and decorating company providing quality residential, commercial, and industrial painting. Call today to schedule a free estimate: 1(877) 758-3313 Or visit us at: … [Read more...]

Houston Real Estate Agent Saralyn McIver Helps New Residents Moving to Houston, Texas


Moving to a new city can sometimes seem like moving to a new country, things that are commonplace in your new town may be something which you have never heard of and you will need to learn from scratch everything about living your normal everyday … [Read more...]

Florida Condominium Documents


While we are starting to see more and more condominiums in California given the scarcity of affordable land, its Florida that remains a condo mecca.  New towers despite the real estate recession continued to be built.  As the country pulls out of … [Read more...]

Various Techniques To Protect Yourself From Rental Application Rejection

Young couple buying new home

Can you imagine finally finding the perfect apartment after looking through various houses for rent? Surely, that is a happy moment for you. However, having your rental application rejected for that perfect rental home can surely turn your world … [Read more...]

Remodeling Tips for The Landlords: A Guide To Creating A Home For Your Tenants

One of the most challenging establishments to remodel is a house for rent. After all, it can be quite hard to design and improve a home when you do not have any person or style in mind. Creating a look that potential renters will love is not an easy … [Read more...]

Special Homebuyers Programs

Faith Brashear

Because when it gets right down to it, there is no more important investment than your home. Come see what a difference we are making each and every day with our SPECIAL HOMEBUYERS PROGRAMS We believe it is just as important to build a solid … [Read more...]

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