The Perfect Fall Outfit 2016

Want to master your fall 2016 wardrobe before the cold weather sets in? Easily done with a nice shirt from Old Navy, Levi’s jeans, and boots from Banana Republic. And, carry a light coat just in case the temperature drops even further. Get my latest men’s fall fashion trends and style advice for this fall season. So, read along and peruse the photos…

Fall 2016 comprises chilly and warm weather all over. I start with a long sleeve marled shirt from Old Navy, I also carry a light jacket in case it gets way colder than anticipated, which in Los Angeles happens all the time. I then get one of my go to pants, or in this case, black jeans from Levi’s, add light boots from Banana Republic (sold out, similar boots), and finish off with a black belt from Bally (sold out, similar belt) and matching sunglasses from Ray

What’s great about this fall outfit is that you can carry it from day to night, work to pretty-much-whatever-you-want. So, what do you think of this perfect outfit for fall 2016? Let me know in your comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know what you think, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.



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