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Dockweiler Beach Westchester CAWestchester CA is located in the eastern part of the Del Rey Hills also known as the Westchester Bluffs. The Westchester CA community is separated from the Pacific Ocean by Playa del Rey on the west. Its northern border is defined by and includes the area now known as Playa Vista, as well as Culver City, and the unincorporated area of Ladera Heights. The Playa Vista community is located within the northern portion of Westchester. The city of Inglewood is to the east, and the city of El Segundo is to the south. The southern portion of the neighborhood is taken up by the Los Angeles International Airport (a.k.a. LAX). The San Diego Freeway runs through the eastern portion of the area.

The area was originally a ranching community and where later, homes were built for veterans coming home from World War II. The community retains the hometown feel that is missing in other cities.

Westchester Area Listings

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Westchester CA Neighborhood Areas
Old aerial picture Westchester CA

  • Emerson Manor – The area North of Westchester Pkwy, South of Manchester Ave, East of Lincoln Bvld. and West of Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Kentwood – The area North of Manchester Ave., East of McConnell Ave, South of the Westchester Bluffs, and West of Sepulveda Ave.
  • Kentwood Bluffs – Homes located all along the streets overlooking the Westchester Bluffs. They overlook Vista Del Mar, the preserved wetlands and Marina Del Rey.
  • Loyola Village – The area East of Lincoln Blvd., North of Manchester Ave, East of McConnell Ave and south of Westchester Bluffs.
  • Marlow Burns – The area East of Sepulveda Eastway, North of Westchester Pkwy, South of Manchester Ave, and West of Airport Blvd.
  • Manchester Square – The area East of Airport Blvd, South of Arbor Vitae St., North of Century Blvd, and West of the I-405Loyola Marimount University Westchester CA
  • Osage Area – The area East of Airport Blvd, South of La Tijera Blvd, North of Florence Ave, and West of the I-405
  • Westport Heights – The area North of Manchester Ave, East of Sepulveda Blvd., North of La Tijera Blvd, and South of I-405.
  • West Westchester – The area West of Lincoln Blvd, North of Westchester Pkwy, South of Westchester Bluffs, and East of Giuliana Ave.
  • The West Bluffs – The homes located on the bluffs West of Lincoln Blvd.
  • The Westchester Bluffs – The homes located on the bluffs East of Lincoln Blvd.

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