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Why Buy With Douglas Lagos

Purchasing a Home - Buying a Home - Real Estate AgentWhy Purchase a Home with Douglas Lagos

Douglas Lagos, Pacific Palisades licensed real estate agent, understands the complicated process of finding, dealing, and purchasing a home. That is why buyers choose Douglas to help them when buying their homes. Douglas is an expert in purchasing homes, highly trained in finding, negotiating, and closing home escrows.

Why Buy With Douglas Lagos

What I Do For Your Home PurchaseWhat I Do

I listen to your needs, and understand what is important to you. I make sure that you find exactly what you are seeking in your next home. I am professional, and easy going.

Pre-qualify for a Loan for Your HomeQualify, Qualify, Qualify

If you do not know what your purchasing potential is, I can point you to several lenders. When a buyer is pre-approved for a home loan, they are ahead of the field, and closer to owning. Put yourself in the seller’s shoes, “if you were selling, would you rather sell to a buyer that is pre-approved, or one that is not, hoping that the latter can get a loan within 45 days?” Preparation is everything, and I will point out what will make your offer stand out in the eyes of sellers. I will point little things, that are really important in the end. Contact me today!

How Much House Can I Afford?View properties based on your needs

  • I do not waste your time viewing homes that are not right for you. Why on Earth would an agent show you a 3-bedroom condo, if you are looking to buy a 2-bedroom house?
  • Professionalism begins with the right home search. I do the search and filter the properties that don’t apply to your requirements.
  • I know you must be tired of agents telling you to search for homes on your own, or being blasted with endless automated emails of properties that have nothing to do with what you are seeking.
  • How hard is it to find an agent that will show you what you are searching for? Well, it’s not. You found the right agent with Douglas.

Negotiating a Fair Price for the BuyerNegotiation

You will find out that I treat you like family. I treat your hard-earned money like it’s my own. I will provide several purchase tactics intended to buy the home at the price that is right for you.

Escrow services for your home purchaseEscrow

I make sure that your home purchase transaction goes along as smoothly as possible, until you get the keys to your new home. And, before you get the keys to your home, I even suggest when to have the utilities transferred & avoid no gas, water or lights when you move in, to referring several moving companies to help move your furniture, safely!

Meeting Buyer's Expectations and Surpassing ThemHow I do it

  • I provide service and experience with each transaction. Care and attention!
  • Easy, care-free viewings when buying your next home.
  • Trained and experienced buyer’s real estate agent negotiator.
  • Search, Find, and Buy your home with Douglas Lagos.

Why Buy With Douglas Lagos reasons are noted above, in addition my expertise and over 12 years of buying and selling real estate, make Douglas a great match for you. Whatever your real estate needs, I’m here to help! All you have to do is give me a call. (310) 463-8088.

Welcome Douglas Lagos, Realtor

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