How to Style a Military Jacket

The other day Rossana and I were invited to an event in Eagle Rock, an up-and-coming hipster part of town. Since it’s getting colder in Los Angeles, I wanted to wear a green jacket to contrast with my shirt. This is my way of how to style a military jacket. This is a jacket that I’ve had for a while, it’s very comfortable (meaning it’s not a slim fit) and keeps you warm in all the right places. You know, there are times when you feel like dressing as comfortable as possible, yet want to look stylish. Well, this day was one of those type of outfit days.

how to style a military jacket

I decided to style this green military jacket with a green Banana Republic pique polo shirt, gray Levi’s jeans, tan New Balance leather shoes and matching tan Schedoni belt. What I like about a green jacket is that you can almost combine it with just about anything – all in moderation, of course. I sometimes wear a plain white tee, or a long sleeve dress shirt along with blue jeans, or slacks. As far as shoes, I like to keep everything matching and if I’m wearing casual pants I’ll stick with sneakers or casual shoes. On the other hand, if I’m wearing dress slacks I’ll stick with dress shoes or loafers.

military jacket and tan sneakers

This military jacket has lots of strings to pull and tuck all the fabric into place. Some may find these strings annoying, yet, I find them to be appealing and in style to what I like to wear – sort of out of place, yet together with everything. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I like to look scruffy yet all dressed up.

military jacket outfit

how to look great in a military jacket

As always, get inspired and let’s see your way of how to style a military jacket for your next outfit. Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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