The Perfect Dressing Style for Men’s Velvet Jacket

Rocking a black velvet jacket is easy these days. No longer the need to wear velvet head to toe with a black velvet bow-tie. Although, for certain occasions that is the look to go for. I’m referring to every day or cocktail time out with your girl. How to wear the perfect dressing style for men’s velvet jacket can be fun to come up with. 

Velvet has always been a trend unto itself and matching it with jeans or dress slacks is a way to make it fun and casually bon vibant, if that is not an oxymoron.

The rules for wearing the perfect dressing style for men’s velvet jacket is to keep it sharp and trim. Less is more for a dapper casual look, or as we say here in America, a European look. In my case, I usually wear jeans with my velvet jackets, and I’ll switch between several types of shoes – sneakers, loafers, driving shoes, booties, and also work boots for when I really, really want to go urban casual.

If the season is on the cold side, I’ll put on a sweater under my velvet jacket, and top it off with an overcoat. For warmer times, I’ll throw on a tee. As you’ll notice, a velvet jacket is the statement piece, the splash of color, etc. If you’ll notice in this look, I wore a blue long sleeve Oxford shirt and blue jeans, and matching black sneakers to go with the black velvet jacket.a menswear blog for the perfect dressing style for men's black velvet jacket

And if you really want to go dandy downtown, wear loafers without socks to spice it up a notch. A tie, with patterns or prints (my favorite) are a really great look for the office. But, make sure to not overdo it. Remember, the velvet jacket is your statement piece, not an afterthought.

Keeping the look natural with just a few pieces in black to bring the black velvet look into fashionable motion. I really like to add blue when using black, as this contrast in colors is vibrant and has a semi-casual look to it.

Here you’ll notice that I’m wearing my black velvet jacket more as a casual diner jacket and not as a sartorial piece. Using a velvet jacket to stand out but not be peacocking can be a fine line. What you wear underneath is what brings out your swag. It’s yours alone, so don’t worry about it and just make it yours.


As always, get inspired and let’s see how you’d do the perfect dressing style for men’s velvet jacket outfit. Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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