I’m one that believes wearing a tie, in certain occasions, can make a casual outfit pop to the next level. I’m also one that likes to try adventurous, or shall we say, dapper tie knots. One of my favorite knots is the Trinity. This knot is based on the Celtic Triquetra knot, some also call it a holy Trinity knot because of its 3 way symmetry. Again, this is a know that uses the small end to make all the striking knots. You start by making semi-tight knots until the very last two, where you do it loosely and then pull tight at the end. The trinity know is one that should be tried at least once. It will bring your outfit that certain je ne sais quoi! Just like a pop of color, but wham, that much better. And, if you really, really want to make a statement, do the Trinity knot with a striped or pattern tie.


Now, on to this casual outfit. I have this Brooks Brothers striped blazer that I like alot. I was going to go a casual outing with @RossanaVanoni, and it seemed the perfect thing to wear. Since it’s still a bit warm in Los Angeles, I decided to wear white Levi’s jeans, a white long sleeve shirt, my reversible brown/black Hermes belt, Facconable tan sneakers, my new Jins Eyewear sunglasses, wedding ring, and Rolex watch. Now, for pop of colors, I wore my new favorite socks from Happy Socks, and for the top, and Piece de Resistance, another favorite Brooks Brothers lavender tie in a Trinity knot.


This ensemble seems is very flexible, in that you can mix and match many of the pieces with others to form new outfits. Hope you enjoy this post, and please do follow me on Instagram and share this post with your friends.