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I’ve been blessed to have a full head of hair, although it’s been graying more and more. Some in my family suffer from Hereditary Hair Loss, and just in case, I want to get ahead of the curve and get a head start with Rogaine. So, stick around and learn what I do, ’cause Hereditary Hair Loss is manageable with Rogaine.

Echo Park hats off

Here I am doing a photo shoot in Los Angeles’ Echo Park. I like having fun when going out, and today is no different. I don’t usually wear a hat, but I do have a large hat collection: from baseball, trucker, to fedoras and Panama hats. Just like my clothes, I’m picky about my watches, neckties (and especially tie knots), and accessories. So, I’m extra picky when choosing a Hereditary Hair Loss solution that works. Dressing well, whether it’s street wear or formal wear, it’s one of the traits I inherited from my dad. He always made sure that what he wore was on point and freshly ironed. He also gave me the love of sports and outdoors.

Getting ahead with Rogaine #headstart #rogaine men's beauty blogger

My wife, Rossana, keeps pushing me to color my hair. You know, guys and hair coloring don’t usually go hand in hand. By the way, Rogaine can be used with colored or chemically-treated hair, so there you go. But, what I can do is use Rogaine. Most men have a 50% chance of experiencing HHL by the age of 50 (and can begin experiencing this condition as early as their late teens or early 20s!), and I want all the chips stacked on my side.

male blogger taking a stroll on Los Angeles' Echo Park

Back to today’s photo shoot at Echo Park. I was looking at styling a hat, a bamboo tee, jeans and suede shoes. It was a hot day, everyone was out and about on the park, and there were plenty of couples on the pedal boats. And then, I realized: I’m gonna tell you guys about Rogaine, so off goes the Fedora!

Fedora hat throw in the air men's blogger

Back when I was a kid, I remember that at all family parties, my uncles all had thinning hair – particularly hair loss at the crown of their heads. We kids just thought it was due to age, but we later learned that this was not the case. It was hereditary Male Pattern Hair Loss that came from our father’s side. Now that I’m getting older, I’ve started using Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam, which has 5% Minoxidil, in both the topical solution and the foam. It’s quite easy and non-messy. I apply it twice a day, every day, and style my hair as usual. What’s best is that I can use any of my favorite styling products and not worry that it’ll interfere with the solution. In other words, I’m getting ahead of this hereditary trait with Rogaine.

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I encourage you to stay tuned, as I’ll be posting how I’m getting ahead with Rogaine on Instagram and how my hair is looking in the coming months. Have you or a family member experienced Hereditary Hair Loss? Share below!