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Are you ready for Spring? I am! Love these days that are still cool at night, and warm when the sun is out. As many of you know, I’ve recently moved from Pacific Palisades (just between Santa Monica and Malibu on the coast), down to Redondo Beach. I love the lifestyle down here. Laid back, restaurants and shops within walking distance. Little traffic, and I can ride bikes with Rossana, just about anywhere. And my Teva sandals are the perfect style for the beach life. So, #strapintospring and let me show you how I strap into Spring with Teva sandals

How I dress to the beach with Teva sandals

You know that I either like to dress up, or do complete street style outfits. With Spring coming along, I’ll show you how I do laid back outfits for the beach. If you’re like me, you love classic styles that are comfortable. Who doesn’t. I got these great looking Teva Terra-Float 2 Knit Universal sandals from Zappos. Great pricing, next day delivery and no hassle returns. I mean, how laid back can you get and still be comfortable as heck.

hermosa beach lifeguard house in spring

Hermosa Beach is a small village style town on the Pacific coast. About 15 miles south of Santa Monica. We have just about everything here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Redondo Beach, which is an even smaller village next to Hermosa Beach. But Hermosa Beach reminds me of Venice beach, but back in the 1960s. You can still find street parking, most of it free of parking meters. Does that still exist in LA? Yes, in our villages south of Santa Monica.

I'm ready for Spring wearing Teva sandals

Do these Teva sandals look good on me, or what? I tell you, it’s not often that you get to see me in shorts. Not that I don’t love shorts, just that I’m usually out and about and don’t get time to wear comfortable, and classic, Teva sandals, like I like to. Now, just relax and enjoy that sunset light hitting your face and say ah.

spring ocean views

Look at these views. No filters needed zone, I say. Behind that breakwater is Redondo Beach, and the cliffs beyond is Palos Verdes. I still can’t believe I live in this area and can enjoy the beaches, city, and a mountain lifestyle. Decisions, decisions, yes it’s hard to be me.

One last look at sunset with my Teva sandals

While the cat is away the mice will play? I enjoy climbing on the lifeguard houses and just sitting there enjoying the view. Can’t do that when the lifeguards are on duty. Shh, don’t tell anyone! Let’s keep this our own little secret. But what isn’t a secret is that you can get these beautiful Teva sandals and other Teva shoes at Zappos.

strap into spring

And if I ever get tired of the waves breaking or the sunsets, I can always turn my back to the beautiful homes on the boardwalk. Maybe one of these days, when I really get famous or win the lotto. What do you say? Would you like to visit me at one of these homes?

Time to go home with my Teva sandals

OK, sunset is just about done. Time to grab my Teva sandals. Got to catch some of the last rays of this day, fuse them into a mind-photograph that I will be kept for ever in my memory. And this is how I strap into Spring with my Teva sandals.