What is it that makes us guys cringe at the idea of using, and much less talking about, male beauty and skincare? Is it our upbringing, or is it just what makes us guys?! We’re tough, we’re rough and sometimes we want to look that way. Well, it’s fine to be a guy, look like a guy, and dress like a guy. What is not fine is to have ragged skin and/or look older than you need to be. That’s why I’m writing today about my male bloggers guide to beauty & skincare.

I usually start my day with a fresh shave, using a finely-stropped edge on a straight razor. Been using this Thiers Issard, and similar ones, for over 10 years now. Now, some will wash their face before a shave and then apply shaving cream. Like many of you, I just wet my face and apply the shaving cream, and continue with the shave. The reason that I do this, is that my shave will usually be smoother since I don’t take off my natural face oils before the shave. After the shave, I will then apply a sensitive-skin cleanser, and continue with one or more skin moisturizers.

Now, you’re probably asking…one or more moisturizers? What gives? Well, here’s a trick I’ve learned from my wife, a fashion and beauty skincare connoisseur if I may say so myself. There are several types of moisturizers. Some you use by themselves, others you can apply in conjunction. That reminds me of “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?” from the old School House Rock commercials. Well, There are base moisturizers, SPF moisturizers, and a whole gamut of moisturizers. It depends on the brand and type of skincare that you buy. So, instead of “Hooking up words and phrases and clauses”, they help each other do what they do best for your type of skin, or skincare routine. Believe me, it’s easier done that said.

I use many products from The Art of Shaving. They are great products for men, believe you me. – This is not a paid advertisement, and all opinions on this male bloggers guide are my own. <– I’ve always wanted to say that.  My male bloggers guide to beauty & skincare

I’m one to try different brands of skincare from time to time. For me, I’ve found that my skin changes, usually for the better when using one type of brand, but after a while in my case, my skin will stop reacting to a certain brand. So, I will then change to another brand for a while, and so on. Hey, I got a vanity full of great skincare beauty brands and products. I think of it almost like using cologne. You like a certain scent for a while, but on certain days you want to use another one. Nothing wrong with that as long as it works for your skincare routine.

Now, don’t go mixing low-budget skincare with the better stuff. And, I’m not referring to brands. There are some little know brands that carry great skincare products that work, and there are some well known brands that you sometimes wonder how they remain selling some products. I’m not here to tell you what doesn’t work, I’m here to tell you what works for my sensitive skin, and it should work wonders for all types of skin.
The male bloggers guide to beauty & skincare

And, here is a small male bloggers guide to beauty & skincare products that I use:


Now, stay tuned, as next month I’ll bring out my skincare heavy hitters. We’re talking about the crème de la crème, and I don’t use that term lightly. Now, if they could only come out with something to make my premature gray hair go back to brown – and I’m not talking about hair colors or dyes. Oh well, we can all dream about having our natural hair stay its own color.

As always, get inspired and let’s see how you feel about my male bloggers guide to beauty & skincare. Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’ve enjoyed this skincare post, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.