Summer is in full force, yet again. We are all experiencing heatwaves no matter where we live. So, what do we do? Easy, wear t-shirts. But, are all tees the same? The quick answer is no. But, and here’s the real shocker; whichever t-shirt that you like to wear is probably the right one for you. I’m a sucker for patterns and strips on my shirts and jackets. I’ve found, that for me, I can style a striped t-shirt as long as I’m wearing a single color pants, jeans, or shorts.

a striped tee goes well with a solid color jeans

Today, I’m wearing a blue & white striped t-shirt with black jeans and a vintage Rolex watch. a reversible Hermes belt, Banana Republic black sneakers, with a hint of red for a pop of color!

a cool stripe tee for summer

This is a cool attire that will work well in the heat. It’ll also work into fall by just adding a sweater or jacket to keep you warm. I like to make outfits, were no one single piece is the main point, but where I ca mix and match according to my mood. These are basic pieces that can be worn most of the year.

cool sneakers for summer

So, this summer, stay cool with basic pieces, and add a few bling items and you’ll be set to go!

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