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Get highly targeted followers and likes with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

  1. TIME - Save time and money running your business efficiently, while we create and post professionally written content based on your objectives and goals.
  2. ENGAGEMENT/LISTENING - Followers for the sake of numbers is not good business sense, if they do not engage nor are interested in your brand. Instead, we help you with a highly targeted audience - We manage your social networks, and connect with an audience that is interested in your brand. We help you gain an audience that increase word-of-mouth and revenue. This is what makes us so good at what we do.
  3. GROW - When you grow, your social media efforts should grow with it. We scale to you and adapt to your business objectives as needed.
  4. RESULTS - Our reporting, and you just looking at your rising social media stats, will prove to you that we're adding value. We guarantee our work 100%, or a refund of your current monthly fee. Want more proof? Just take a look at Douglas' Instagram account with a highly targeted audience, high number of likes per follower and quality posts.
  5. NO LONG TERM CONTRACT - Easy month-to-month service. If you are not 100% satisfied, we refund your current monthly fee, no questions asked!
Why Social Media? - Take for example, Instagram. With more than 400 million users, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. You can't miss the chance to engage users and drive results to your company and brand. Whether you’re branding yourself, launching a new product, mobile app or looking to increase business, we’re here to help!

  1. WE GROW YOUR BRAND - We generate consumer interest with engaging content that tells your story and will drive traffic.
  2. MORE EXPOSURE AND SUCCESS - Stay close to your customers and find new ones to connect with.
  3. FULLY MANAGED SOLUTIONS - You do not have the time nor expertise to consistently do it yourself. Our team of social media experts handle all aspects of your social media strategy from creation, to management, reports and optimization ideas.
  4. AFFORDABLE - We are affordable, but quite frankly, you can’t afford NOT to use us!


  • No hassle, affordable, month-to-month managed service with a 30 day guarantee! Pricing is extremely affordable starting at $95 for blogger accounts and $250 for corporate accounts.

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Douglas Lagos has over 12+ years experience in social media and marketing; having worked for Ryder, ABS Travel, and Coldwell Banker. His team of experts provide solutions that enable brands and influencers to plan, execute and optimize their social and video advertising more effectively.

We provide fully Managed Services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. With cross platform advertising that drive results with Social Media Get in Touch
No matter their age or profession, your customers are online using Social Media

This is why all brands are investing in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Youtube.

Douglas provides managed social media, and project consultancy. See why if you don't contact Douglas, chances are your competition will.

Take control of your social media business. Douglas allows you to manage your business while he takes care of your social media to ensure that everyone is responded to and conversations continue.


    10%-17% engagement. 4X industry standard.


    3%-6% engagement. 2X industry standard.


    3%-5% engagement. 1.5X industry standard.


    3%-5% engagement. 1.5X industry standard.

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We offer full-service social media management services. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.
No hassle, affordable, month-to-month managed service with a 30 day guarantee! Prices start at $95 for bloggers and $250 for corporate accounts.