Best of 2021

These are some of my favorite things of 2021. Won’t you join me on memory lane as I relive the best of 2021 and what a journey it has been for me. Do you remember this first photo?

How about this collaboration with Duluth Trading Co., as we took a trip on a Jeep down to the Grand Opening of the Pendry San Diego. Here I am styling Duluth Trading everything, except for Ray Ban sunglasses and Schedoni belt. See that weekender bag on the hood? It’s one of my favorite bags, and it’s a Duluth AWOL bag.

The perfect road trip itinerary, is the one you don’t plan ahead for..

Duluth Trading Weekend Outfit
Instagramable rooms

At the Pendry San Diego.

Wow, the Pendry San Diego hotel is an amazing site. Instagramable rooms, restaurants and it’s own club. Food was great, I wish that I could have brought the bed back home. The Pendry hotel made our stay in San Diego, one to remember and wish we could go to more often.

Pendry San Diego Hotel
I love cars,

and really, who doesn’t!

Here I’m styling an outfit to go with the new 2021 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport. It’s fast, it’s quick, it’s nimble, did I say that it’s fast? And the interior has just about everything that you need within reach. This is a great car for the fast, and slow, lanes in Los Angeles. I still remember how it holds its own against the curves on the canyon roads in Malibu. The Lexus IS 350 F-Sport is a delight to drive.

Lexus car blogger outfit

And, we have another car here. I wish I could drive a different car every week. Here, I’m styling a black and white outfit for the new 2021 Mercedes Benz E-Class. Talk about luxury, and I will. This car is up there with the most luxurious cars on the market today. I enjoyed testing it, driving it, and literally, relaxing in it. It has style inside and out, and when on an empty highway (yeah, like early AM or after 10PM), it goes and grips the road as it races the Santa Ana winds to the Westside.

Mercedes Benz car blogger outfit

You’ve probably gotten used to seeing me with a stubble on my face. And this Remington collaboration let me try out, and keep on using the Beardboss almost on a daily basis. I can go from a short, to a long stubble in minutes, and all with no razor burn or facial hair snagging as it cuts quickly. Hey, I’m particular about my face, and the tools that I use.

Remington Beardboss men's beauty blogger

Hello, I just came to say hello on this new 2021 Mercedes Benz E-Class convertible. Taking a trip with Rossana and what better way to start, then on a luxurious Mercedes Benz E convertible? This car seems to go, even when standing still, and the trunk has enough space for Rossana’s 4 weekend bags. That’s a joke, not really!

Mercedes Benz convertible car blogger outfit

You may not notice it by what I post on Instagram, but I do love dressing up. Have done it for most of my life. Wore a tie and suit everyday for over 10 years. This is where I got hooked on great looking watches, like this Franck Muller timepiece, and my favorite tie know the Eldredge.

Hats men's blogger
One of my favorite places on the Westside is Marina del Rey. It has quaint places, like this one below, and reminds me of Florida and the Bahamas. For this collaboration with Maui Jim sunglasses, I had the pleasure of coordinating the Maui Jim sunglasses, with my outfit, and colorful facades of Marina del Rey.
Enjoy the view Maui Jim sunglasses blogger


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